Internet Lingo!

Connection of image to the left with this article = non-existant.

Up The Wall

What up mother bitches?


I have no idea. Just read it.

Richard Horvitz

An interview with the actor from the likes of Invader Zim.

How To Commit Armed Robbery In Six Easy Steps

A self-help guide.

The Five Worst American Presidents...Ever!

Like another article on this site. But ever so different!

A Picture Of A Happy Face

The title is self-explanatory.

Ross vs. Steve Guttenberg

P.S. I kicked your face.


Reviewing a television advert for heartburn medicine. This site has hit a new low.

Harry Shearer

An interview with the actor from the likes of This Is Spinal Tap and The Simpsons.


It's not a jolly holiday with Gringo.

Gringo Comes To New York City

And bothers me.

New York, New York

So good, a bird crapped on my head.

Kim's Krazy Nuclear Funtime!!!

Bombs away!

Carrie Fisher

An interview with the actress/writer/producer, with only one Star Wars question.

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