Confessions of a Third-Rate Drunk - Part I
Give it another month and I'll be fourth-rate.

A True Friggin Story
If Lauren was a real girl, he might be dead now.

Stupid Pictures from Some Book from 1975
Some might call it a downward spiral. I call it HILARIOUS...sort of.

Gringo's New Orleans Trip - Part II
Beignets make you fat.

Gringo's New Orleans Trip - Part I
Getting there is half the fun! There was only ever half fun!

Bazooka Joe
I don't understand how the bazooka part factors in.

Nerds Rope
Diabetics needs not apply!!!

Gillette M3 Power Thing
Raises not hair but, instead, questions of morality.

Chuy the Wolf Boy
He's a wolf boy. And we interviewed him. I think it's pretty self-explanatory.

I'm Not Talking!
Some of these really aren't very surprising.

Gringo's Fourth Oscar Prediction Funfest
Because nobody cares anymore!

Clowning Around With Veekay - #2
Freaks Are Beautiful People

Tiffany's Spectacular Puzzle Spectacular!!!
Waste yo fuckin' time! I mean...uh...LEARN STUFF.

Gringo's Highs and Lows of 2004
We're talking like stock market people! Or weathermen.

Joe's Worst of 2004!!
Including extensive information on the current state of t.A.T.u. for no real reason!

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