Temporary Nonsense
A detailed listing of the positive aspects of doing temp work. No, really! It's funny!

Life and/or Death
Yeah, so it's Joe's student film. What, are you perhaps in the business of wanting to make something of it?

Someone out there could just make a .gif of this. But that someone ain't me.

Why Does Listen to Me Suck So Horribly???
You tell me! Note: I refuse to accept responsibility.

The People You Meet in an MMORPG - Part I
I just call them all dorks. Hahaha, yeah, I'm awesome.

Riding in Cars With Clowns
So a clown and a British guy get into a car...

Joe's Failed Articles
Contains pictures of Britney Spears from back when she was hot! Wow!! Go! GO NOW!!!

Gringo's Failed LTM Articles
Failed tagline goes here.

Lauren's Failed LTM Articles
I can't tell...which part was the failure? HAHAHAHA!

Jeff's Failed LTM Articles
Learn three of the steps towards writing, um, successful fan-fiction! Also, there's stuff about video games.

Joe's E3 2006 - The Attack Panties (or The Panties What Attack) and Other Tales
Warning!: Contains panties!

Joe's E3 2006 - This Was the Third and Last Day

Joe's E3 2006 - El Segundo Dia
There are so many pictures in this one! How could you go wrong?!?

Joe's E3 2006 - Da First Day
You wanna play a game? You wanna play a game?

Gringo's E3 2006
Not going inside was the best part.

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