DVDs of TV Shows that Got Cancelled or are Otherwise Short - Part II
Review By: Joe

This is the second part of an unnecessarily long thing about TV shows that have been cancelled (or weren't but are still pretty short anyway). The first part which you can read RIGHT HERE stands to be the one (if any) of the two parts to be more helpful because I filled it (TO THE FUCKIN' BRIM!) with shows that are easy to purchase in one volume or set and the prices on the majority of them are fairly decent if you actually know someone who'd want something like that for Christmas or, I dunno, Kwanzaa. Except on Kwanzaa you're supposed to learn something from all your gifts. SO IT STILL APPLIES PERFECTLY.

This time, the DVDs are all sold in seperate volumes or at least they are generally but Amazon bundles some of them together. Regardless, if you were to go shopping for these in a store, they would be individual items and, therefore, most of these are gonna cost a fair amount more than the stuff I mentioned last time...except for the stuff I suggest you don't buy. A lot of that's cheap but, I mean, I don't like it so why would you? Really now.

I'm gonna do like I did last time and offer you the prices of the DVDs I mention and links to Amazon for to buy even though this time it's probably all the less likely you will. Hey, I just realized people make lists like this all the time and put them STRAIGHT ON AMAZON. If I wanted to inflict my personal tastes upon you and then give you links to this merchandise on Amazon anyway, why didn't I just make one of them lists? BECAUSE I HAVE A STAKE IN THIS WEBSPACE, THAT'S WHY. I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY STOCK TO SOAR! ULTIMATE BUSINESS!!! Okay, let's go.

Here's the breakdown of all the parts of this long article again so you don't get lost:


1 - TV series that are so short you can buy the whole thing all in one go!

2 - TV series that are split over a few volumes but can also be purchased as one set.


3 - TV series that are short but are annoyingly split over several volumes and can only be purchased as such (unless you go through Amazon.com (sometimes)).

4 - TV series that are short but I think suck/don't know enough about them so I don't think you should buy them, man.

Remember! You're currently reading PART II. Still with me? DEEP BREATHS DEEP BREATHS. Okay, let's do it, Francisco.

TV series that are short but are annoyingly split over several volumes and can only be purchased as such (unless you go through Amazon.com (sometimes)).

Mr. Show
Price: $70

This is David Cross and Bob Odenkirk's sketch show that had four seasons on HBO. It has some sort of cult following which is warranted because it's pretty good and has this really cool idea of linking each sketch somehow to the one after it and then tying it all together in the end (Upright Citizen's Brigade sort of does this too but not quite as intensively).

There are often a handful of sketches that fall flat in each episode and there are some full episodes that are basically all not that great but, for the most part, there's a lot of really brilliant stuff in here. It's worth owning these just to be able to show people Pit-Pat the Pansexual Spokes-Thing and Menocu's House of the Future. Besides, you don't wanna end up watching edited versions of this show on TBS. People will hate you for it.

There are only three volumes and if you wanted to just get them all at once, Amazon helpfully bundles these mothafuckaz togetha! How conveeeeeenient!! END OF STORY.

Price: $117.50

I used to champion Futurama to anyone who would listen (no one would) because it and Family Guy came out on Fox at the same time and it was (and still is) the better show. It had Simpsons staff behind it and, with a clean start, they had the ability to make stuff that, at least at first, was far beyond what The Simpsons was shitting out at the time.

I liked it a lot when it first came out but, due to it's shitty timeslot, I forgot about it for the most part. When it got cancelled I was all like "Maaaan, the way Fox handled it, that series never had itself a chance!" But you know what? Turns out it managed to go on for FOUR SEASONS. Frankly, that's not bad. In fact, it's more than enough because this show isn't as good as I remember it being.

It's definitely very funny at times, the 3D with 2D animation is very nice (although Invader Zim does that even better and more often), the characters are very likeable, and it's cool how, because it's a sci-fi parody show, there's not only comedy but some cool adventuring stuff too (come to think of it, though, Zim does this better too). Also, it's still a better show than Family Guy because when it's being witty, it's being EXCEPTIONALLY WITTEH. But I feel like I might actually end up laughing at Family Guy more because the cheap laughs are so frequent. The difference is, Futurama's bad jokes aren't so bad they make me angry. Family Guy's do.

The bad part is that the really good jokes are not nearly as plentiful as I had thought they were and, later in the series, the plots get quite hackneyed. The very final episode, for example, is about the lead, Fry, exchanging hands with the Robot Devil. Yeah, what?

There are four fat-ass volumes of all seventy-two half-hour episodes replete with, as befitting a Matt Groening production, lots of special features and commentary on every episode if you're into that sort of thing. Amazon bundles the whole series together but it's still a rather pretty penny nonetheless. I'm just sayin' this: I now own the whole series on DVD and as each one came out I found myself waiting for it to live up to the glory I had built up for it in my head. It just never really made it there. You can still catch these on Adult Swim anyway.

Price: About $84 for everything

FAIR WARNING, CHUMS: At this point, the DVDs (except the ones at the bottom that I don't like much) I'm going to reference are not available (LEGALLY) in one set and aren't even bundled by Amazon as such. In fact, if you wanted to get the most complete versions of the following three shows, it'd probably be more of a pain in the ass and cost more than collecting some of your average American TV shows...because these are all anime :( :( :(.

I've said it about a bajillion times before and here I go saying it again because you sons of bitches don't listen to my shit. I DON'T REALLY LIKE ANIME. UNLESS!!! It is done very, very well, in which case, I usually end up liking it even better than most other TV. Talk about your crazy conundrums, bro!

That said, I think this very well may be my second favorite TV show ever (after the BBC's The Office). If you want to see me talk more, I wrote a review of it UP IN DIS! It's probably not for everybody (the show, not my review of it...well, both actually) because it sort of doesn't even make sense and it has a lot of references to other animes and Japanese culture (all of which I choose to ignore). I personally like it because of the pretty art (this is some high budget ish) and the awesome direction which is often synched up brilliantly with the soundtrack, which is almost entirely comprised of songs by The Pillows, who rock like nobody's business. I really reccommend this series but owning it all, and I mean, ALL is no easy feat.

It's misleading because while this is the shortest show out of all the shows I've mentioned (in this part or the first), it's probably the most difficult to obtain all of the components if you were to have the dork capacity in you to want to own it all. It's really more of a mini-series. There are only six episodes (they're all twenty-something minutes long, except for the last one which is closer to thirty) but, because this is anime, they're split up into three bloody DVDs with two episodes on each. They are NEVER! sold together and cost $20-$30 each. On top of which, if you want the cool box ($35) to house them all officially (and it seriously is a very cool-looking box), as far as I know it's only sold through animegamers.com and the box only comes with Volume 3 inside, basically insisting that you buy Volumes 1 and 2 as well (but, I mean, what the hell did you get the box for anyway?). Besides, Volume 3 by itself on Amazon is $27 so for $8 more you get that AND the nifty box. WOW.

The other annoying thing is that each volume used to come with cool, informative booklets with interviews from people involved with the series, glossaries that explained all the weird Japanese references in each episode, and a bunch of other crap. Far as I know, they stopped making these and you now just get a crappy little insert that tells you which Pillows songs were used in each episode and that's all. What I'm trying to say is that if you're the type of person who would want to have this IN FULL, I think it's pretty hard to manage that at this point. I could be wrong, though. If they're sold anywhere with those booklets still in them, it's probably that animegamers site. I'm not sure how you'd check that, however. Oh well!

If you just want all the episodes and don't care how you get them (I beg of you, stay off the streets!), this is anime so there's a DISTURBINGLY DECENT chance you can get the whole thing in one box for much cheaper than the official DVDs. You could probably even find such a thing somewhere on Amazon but don't mention my name!!

Samurai Champloo
Price: Something like $173 total

This is the second series by the guy who directed Cowboy Bebop. It only took him like forty-eight years since that show for him to do something else so he must have had a nice nap during that period of time. This show, like Bebop, is cool, well-directed, has kickin' musak, and a high budget on it. However, the only reason I'm mentioning it before Bebop is that it's got a box you can put all the DVDs in.

It's a much weaker show. The characters are fairly cool but you won't be nearly as attached to them as a geek like you will be to the Bebop crew. Plus, some of these episodes are pretty forgettable and one of them is a goddamned clip show. Additionally, I haven't seen it yet but there seems to be a general consensus that the ending to the series is terrible. ALSO, there are sometimes a bit too many parallels to Bebop to the point that it seems a little silly. For example, for those people who've seen it, there's one episode that is basically just a total copy of the Bebop episode Waltz for Venus. LOOK FOR IT!!!

Again, we're looking at anime here so even though the whole series is only twenty-six half-hour episodes long, you're gonna shell out a fair bit of cash before you've got the whole thing. On the bright side, unlike FLCL, you can get the nifty box on Amazon (although actually it's listed as "currently unavailble" at the moment so, uh, maybe not) and it comes with the first volume and even a bandana I know I'll never wear!! Oh and you can't actually even get the whole show yet as the seventh volume has not yet been released. Yay! Of course...there are probably cheaper ways to own the whole thing right now...hmmmmmm....HMMMMM???

I'm not sure how heartily I'd reccommend this show. It's good. If you like samurais killing lots of people, it's even better. It's still one of the only animes I give a damn about but while I'd gladly go back and watch all of Cowboy Bebop over again, I'm not sure I'm ever gonna bother doing that with Samurai Champloo.

Cowboy Bebop
Price: Technically $105 but you'll never be truly happy.

If you read the bit before this about Samurai Champloo, I talked more about this show than that one so, obviously, I rather like it. This is my second favorite anime out of the three I like and it is sure cool, at least for boys. I'm not sure how many girls would care about this. It's got a lot of cartoon people shooting at each other and flying around in spaceships. It is about a gang of bounty hunters (one is a woman who wears almost nothing) and is supposed to be like noir in the FUTURE, which I think is pretty cool. I say more in this fat review so feel free to enjoy that at your leisure.

This show is twenty-six half-hour episodes long and, of course, they're split up over I don't even know how many overpriced DVDs (okay, I guess it's six, actually). I believe that, at one time, it was offered in a number of different complete sets. Now, however, it's a one-DVD-at-a-time kind of thing. Unless you get it from Amazon, but even then there's more to this magical puzzle than meets the eye.

They (those bastards!) have recently begun to remaster this series and re-release each DVD as Cowboy Bebop REMIX, which is a stupid name. I understand that these re-releases come with only a little bit more content and are basically just servicing to milk more money out of obsessive fans. At this point, they're only up to volume four to boot. Even so, if you were gonna wanna own the most complete, COMPLETE version of this show, you'd probably wanna hold out for all of these REMIXES to come out. ALSO, the Cowboy Bebop Movie is basically just like an extended episode so you can't really say you've got it all until you include that too.

I know for a fact that you can get less than legal complete sets of this show because I, um, have a friend who has one. YOU'VE GOT NO PROOF.

TV series that are short but I think suck/don't know enough about them so I don't think you should buy them, man.

As I either don't like the following shows or know that much about them, I'm not gonna provide a price or a link for you to buy them. YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT. DEAL WITH THAT, WHY DON'T YOU?!?

Life As We Know It

This was a high school drama-type show that was cancelled after a season. Supposedly, some of the people behind Freaks and Geeks were responsible for this but it must have been the people who SUCKED because this show is basically the total antithesis of that one. Rather than doing something a bit different and concerning itself with characters that don't usually get the spotlight, this program takes the route usually travelled and focuses on three jocky guys (one of them is supposed to be dorky but I've never met a dork that chiseled in my life) and their relations with hot women...oh and Kelly Osbourne. That's right, Kelly Osbourne.

I rented the first disc of this to see if it was any good. The thing is this: dramas are by nature made to suck you in so I did get fairly interested in the proceedings throughout that first disc. The same thing happened to me with The Sopranos. However, as with that show, as soon as I didn't have immediate access to further episodes, I forgot about it and never cared enough to pick up where I left off.

Aside from the fact that this show is basically ALL about sex (which I guess is fairly accurate for a show about guys in high school or guys in high school that weren't me at any rate) and that Kelly Osbourne's acting is hilariously poor in the first episode (after that there's actually not anything horrible about it, unfortunately, so someone must have told her to stop emoting so heavily), there's nothing particularly unique about this production. Also, it employs that cheesy "the scene freezes and the character tells his feelings straight to the camera" technique. Not at all worth owning, I'd say. ME!

Family Guy

I'm only making note of Family Guy here because it techincally got cancelled. However, they're now shitting out more of these volumes (number three just came out and there's also that Stewie thing) so it's not really valid. I just wanted to say that I got caught up in the Family Guy hype like everyone else and bought the first two volumes after it was (SUPPOSEDLY) over. Sure it's very funny at times but I'm definitely not the only one who has noticed that it's not a very creative show.

It might have been nice if it stayed cancelled because then the jokes that were awesome the first time (the naked greased-up deaf guy, the angry black weatherman, the chicken with the bad coupon) wouldn't have been cheapened by being shamelessly reused in the newer stuff. I'm not above Family Guy. I'll still watch it on TV. I just have these two huge volumes I can't ever see myself going back through again. I can't even recall specific episodes I'd want to jump back to demonstrate as "a great episode." IS NO BUY, PACO! IS NO BUY!!!

The Oblongs

I've seen a fair bit of The Oblongs on Adult Swim. It's funny in parts but, overall, not that great. You get the entire series in one set, though, and it's probably cheap but I'm not checking for you.


From this point onward, I have not seen ANY of these shows. PROFESSIONAL!!!

I have nothing against Dilbert. In fact, the comic is one of the few newspaper comics I can tolerate and even like sometimes. I just haven't seen any of the show whatsoever so I can't say whether or not it's any good. It was cancelled very quickly, though, and you can get the whole series on one DVD, which may or may not be a good idea. You tell me.

Greg the Bunny

Actually, I think I have seen a little bit of this show but I don't remember it at all. I'm pretty sure it was just trying to be really offensive and wasn't funny. Seth Green is behind it, though, so that's just like, right, okay, this must be awesome. Didn't it come back on some other network after its cancellation anyway? I don't know. Fuck it.


I haven't seen any of this show that got cancelled after a day or so and yes, I know, it has a huge following and, yes, I know it even was allowed to be revived in a feature film that for some reason has a completely different name. Still, I also know that it was conceived by the same guy who did the Buffy the Vampire Slayer show. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this but I've only seen parts of maybe three episodes of Buffy and it is the WORST SHOW EVER.

As such, I don't care much about this.

WELL! That's the end finally. What a long, poorly conceived, unread trip it's been! Nobody's read this far for sure, so I'm just gonna use this bottom part for some shout-outs.


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