By Jeff

Joe said I had to write a description of my comic for the children of the world otherwise he'd smash my head in with a loaf of bread. Luckily he just stole my VCR and set a "controlled" fire in my kitchen (it's amazing how fast you can get from one state to another by simply ignoring the speed limit). Anyway, the whole purpose of UnFunny was to cure my boredom and find an easy way to get out of writing an actual review for this site.

UnFunny is written and drawn by me, Jeff, not to be confused with the other Jeff who does Gringo's voice. At first it was gonna be a NES sprite comic, then a hand drawn comic and then a full-blown 3-D rendered animated series. After about 2 seconds the steel-toed boot of reality kicked me and I remembered how lazy I really am so I just combined the first two options thus saving me time for important things like staring at the sun and watching the TV Guide channel.

Characters are pretty non-existent as I just make up someone when I need them but I'm sure a set group will appear after I get tired of drawing somebody new every time I need a "stupid looking guy". As for the name, that's easy, since the vast majority of internet comics are the worse things ever created by man, I decided I wouldn't bullshit you good people and just name it for what it is.

This website is © 2001-2008 Listen To Me. All pictures, sounds and other stuff which doesn't belong to us is © its respective owner(s). Everything else is a free-for-all. Steal anything we created (as if you'd ever want to) and we'll...well, we probably won't be motivated to do anything. But you never know. And yes, that is Colonel Sanders throwing a punch at this copyright notice. SMACK