Hello! This is your old pal, Joe! Guess what?! I've got a great idea! Let me tell yous guys alllll about it!

So, you're more bored than you've ever been in your life and yo momma won't buy you that Power Wheels what looks like Yu-Gi-Oh's Supervan? WELLITY!! Perhaps you should take out some of that aggression in an article written for us! Yeah! Us guys!!! Rarin' to go?! Great! But, first, it's time for good news and bad news!

GOOD NEWS: We'll accept almost anything. Hey, we put up our own stuff, so let's be honest, the standard for getting on this site is rather low. And just think, by writing for us, you could soon be held in the same regard as the regular members of the site's so-called staff!

BAD NEWS: You could soon be held in the same regard as the regular members of the site's so-called staff! Even badder news is this: we don't trust you. Let me explain.

Basically, we're not sure we'll find what you've done entertaining enough to let it stand on its own, so, in a stunning brainfart, I've decided to take any piece of reader(that's you)-submitted work and heavily critique it to arguably comic effect at your arguable expense!!! Thusly, your work may (unless it's exceptionally awesome already) appear with eyesoreish editor's notes peppered throughout! And, with any luck, they'll actually make it funnier!! Wow! Could this offer sound anymore enticing?! Not bloody likely!!!

So, the main thing you must understand here is that, in sending us stuff, you agree to it being picked apart mercilessly; we will be addressing grammar, spelling, and content in general. Where do we get off?!? With lots of free time and unfulfilled dreams.

So! If you've got something to review, rant about, or have just typed an incoherent piece of crapola, send it my way.


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